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September 28, 2007

Optimal Health Science® Releases Simplest Whitening System

Optimal Health Science® releases the simplest teeth whitening system on the market… dazzlesmile™ set to take the “celebrity smile” category by storm with safe, sexy, and easy-to-use dental whitening product line

NEW YORK, September 28, 2007 – Optimal Health Science®, a subsidiary of Target Interact US, LLC, today released a revolutionary new teeth whitening and breath improvement system. dazzlesmile’s whitening products are patented with powerful formula, which slowly penetrates deep into the tooth enamel, disintegrating stains at their core. Clinically proven, it has been shown to brighten smiles an average of 6 shades. dazzlesmile’s breath improving components actually kill odor causing bacteria at the source. dazzlesmile was originally formulated by noted cosmetic dentist Dr. F. Richard Austin, DDS and maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Blaine Austin of Salt Lake City, UT, and the formulas further improved by the dazzlesmile product development team. The products are supported by clinical studies.

Unlike other teeth whiteners in the marketplace, there are no messy trays, ampoules, gimmicks, syringes, or gels. dazzlesmile works by simply delivering and ultra deep whitening formula by way whitening mint tablets and toothpaste. Halitosis can rarely be remedied, and yet it’s easily combated by dazzlesmile’s “breath improving ingredients.

Benefits of dazzlesmile™ product line include:

  • fights bad breath by neutralizing odor-causing acids in the mouth
  • works as antiseptic in the mouth
  • fights gingivitis and encourages healthy gums
  • decreases plaque build-up
  • battles cavities
  • kills bad breath (halitosis) at the source
  • ease of use and efficacy unrivaled in the marketplace

Clinical studies show that even with intensive in-office bleaching, ranging in costs from $600- $1,800, there is a 41% degradation in tooth whiteness one year later. dazzlesmile™ actually costs less for a full year’s supply than one in-office treatment, therefore making dazzlesmile™ not only a great solution for obtaining a beautiful smile, but a valuable and cost effective solution for overall oral health.

Source: dazzlesmile, llc and Optimal Health Science, LLC

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