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May 12, 2009

Job Prospects for Job Hunters Brighten

Job Prospects for Job Hunters Brighten Despite Department of Labor Report, With Complimentary dazzlesmile Trial Offer From Optimal Health Science

NEW YORK, May12 – The true value of a brighter smile on employment possibilities is lost in the mix of other typical interview preparation practices, according to dazzlesmile™ CEO Roger LeFevre. “People know they need to have a sharp-looking resume, wear professional attire and sport a flattering haircut. Even with teeth whitening products such as dazzlesmile™ on the market, people still don’t readily think about giving attention to their teeth as a part of their grooming habit.”

Despite an American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry® national survey conducted less than a handful of years ago showing nearly three-quarters of adults feel an unattractive smile can hurt a person’s chances for career success, the vast majority of people overlook the need for the sparkle of the pearly whites for the importance of the black-on-white of a resume. That oversight carries a hefty price if it diminishes the projection of a polished image for a job.

Brushing up on the latest tooth whitening option doesn’t require a trip to the dentist but comes in the form of a dazzlesmile™ mint, melted in the mouth three times a day. The product also has added benefits which cannot be understated: it helps protect against bad breath or halitosis, and gingivitis.

“Being properly prepared for an interview is the hallmark of success,” stated LeFevre. “A warm smile revealing white teeth is readily visible to an interviewer – up to 200 feet away. To many, presenting a smile represents a stronger presence, evoking feelings of confidence, good health, financial success, trustworthiness. Stained or discolored teeth – regardless of other factors – diminishes the positive attributes of a person. The public gets the impression that there is a lack of attention to one’s body, a gap that likely spills over into other areas. The impression can be far less favorable and impact the chances of landing a job, proportion or raise in pay.

“When people were looking for the ideal job a few years ago, they could be more discriminating about their employment choices, because they were in the driver’s seat. Now they’re pursuing the elusive job, and every edge that distinguishes them from others should be taken advantage of.”

Although some are born with discolored teeth that require more extensive procedures, a range of popular products over the counter are effective at improving the color of teeth.

“Putting dazzlesmile mints in your mouth may well put keys to the future into your hands,” said LeFevre.

To obtain dazzlesmile™ and learn more about its benefits, visit or call toll free (800) 781-5715.

Source: dazzlesmile, llc and Optimal Health Science, LLC

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