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FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why dazzlesmile?
dazzlesmile whitening system is a complete oral maintenance system. It requires no deviation from your daily regimen.

But, other than being so easy to use, what’s the best thing about it?
The price. A whole year’s supply of dazzlesmile’s whitening system actually costs less than a one-time professional bleaching/lightening process. Not only is it cost-effective, but its ease of use is unsurpassed. In-office bleaching and whitening is incredibly expensive, but also ineffective over the long term. Studies show that one year after bleaching, your smile’s brightness will degrade 41%. Using dazzlesmile will effectively reduce plaque, fight halitosis and cavities, disinfect and speed healing of cuts, and of course continually brighten your dazzling smile.

Is it easy to use?
There isn’t any easier or more effective whitening system. By dissolving just 3 mints per day in your mouth, dazzlesmile allows you to go on and enjoy your favorite things in life, without being afraid to smile. How exactly should I use the mints? For best results, place the dazzlesmile mint front surface of your teeth, and let the mint dissolve slowly (do not chew). Every so often, move the mint to a different area between your lips and gums until it dissolves completely. When should I see a difference in the coloration of my teeth? All subjects in our studies saw some changes in lightness of the tooth within a few weeks, peaking at 5.3 shades lighter after a few months.

How many mints should I take a day?
Three mints are recommended for daily use. Decrease if you have any increased sensitivity or bleeding for more than a few days.

Are there any special instructions for the toothpaste?
There is no mixing or special instruction. Brush thoroughly like you would with your regular toothpaste.

Is it safe for all ages?
dazzlesmile is safe for any child or adult who is able to keep from choking on a small mint.

Why is dazzlesmile so different from other whitening systems?
The main difference between dazzlesmile and other systems is its efficacy and ease of use. Other substances break down and stop working once they come in contact with the saliva present in the mouth, whereas dazzlesmile works effectively and much deeper into the tooth, removing the deepest of stains.

What other positive effects does dazzlesmile have?
dazzlesmile neutralizes acids in the mouth, effectively treating halitosis, it acts as an antiseptic, disinfecting cuts and scrapes in the mouth, it cleanses the mouth, it is anti-bacterial as well as anti-viral. It promotes good oral hygiene, removes stains, reduces gum inflammation, and can help stop bleeding gums.

When should I stop using dazzlesmile?
Well – dazzlesmile is a teeth whitening system, and not only that, a complete oral maintenance system. It is more cost effective than having your teeth bleached annually to order a yearly supply. As it discourages plaque buildup, reduces cavities, fights gingivitis and more, it is recommended for continual use.

I have sensitive teeth. Is that a problem?
With most bleaching/whitening systems sensitive teeth are problematic. Our formula has not been clinically shown to increase sensitivity. The dazzlesmile whitening toothpaste is formulated especially for sensitive teeth.

I have sensitive gums, will dazzlesmile cause me any pain or discomfort?
dazzlesmile actually helps disinfect and heal unhealthy gums. It has been shown clinically to improve and fight gingivitis. What should I do if I have crowns, porcelain, bridges, or other dental work? Unfortunately dazzlesmile, like any other whitening process does not work on any dental prosthetics or the like. If you choose to use dazzlesmile the color of your newly bright smile may not match and you may need to have your current dental work redone. What do you recommend for a happy and healthy mouth? In conjunction with dazzlesmile whitening system, you should brush and floss regularly, while continuing regular checkups and cleanings with your dental practitioner.

I feel a slight bubbling sensation, is that normal?
Although very slight, it is possible that a slight bubbling sensation occurs as the product releases oxygen and water when it dissolves. This is just further evidence that the formula is working.

Do you have a Facebook page?
Yes, we have both a FacebookTwitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest page.

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